Movie Theater, Cineplex
500 Mall Rd Unit 700
Barboursville, WV 25504
(304) 733-3984


  • I love the theater. They are all very nice inside. But, the prices have raised, it was $8.50 for a movie. The same ad Pullman Square, when it used to be cheaper.
  • If you go here to see a 3D movie go before 6 pm. A whole lot cheaper.
  • Up for the latest and greatest movies?
  • Nice clean place with big screens, comfortable seats, & great movie selection. As for the employees, they seemed nice to me, but I've only been here twice. Overall a nice experience.
  • Self serv popcorn, who knew? :)
  • Their bathrooms are nasty... How come everywhere I go the bathrooms are so gross
  • Always come for the 11:20 or 11:30 movie and it's $5 and hardly ever have to wait for concessions.
  • Be sure to get the Cinemark App! You can earn free concessions for your next movie visit!
  • Early-bird specials -- $1 off the first showing of the day -- means non-3D movies are less than $5.
  • First movie of the day is under five dollars, and eight bucks for the first 3D movie of the day. Great way to spend a weekend morning.
  • I do NOT recommend this theater anymore....rude employees (punks), over priced snacks ($5 for a snack pack with 4 bites of popcorn in it), and ass hole patrons!!
  • U gotta buy the tickets at the concession stand lol
  • The Best Movie Theatre in Town
  • Cheaper than hitting up Pullman Squares Marquee Cinemas! only $7.50 here compared to Pullmans $8.50. And better concession prices! All worth it!

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