Movie Theater, Cineplex
15171 Crossroads Pkwy
Gulfport, MS 39503
(228) 539-5294


  • Don't check your cell phone during the movie! The light bothers everyone sitting behind you! >=(
  • I go mostly to early birds shows save me some money. $4.75
  • Sign up for the email concession stand discounts!! Great deals!
  • Great theater compare to Grand the film is mor clearer and the sound is great Theater is better then Grand in my opinion Love their popcorn but it's little pricey but the ticket is reasonable
  • See green hornet
  • My Theater
  • Popcorn lots of butter- layered and then pile a mound of jalapeos on top. It's magic in yo moof. Seriously, it's great
  • Come join us on Movie Monday for the Matinee Shows
  • This place smells like poop
  • Get cheese fries at the studio eats concession stand. They're great!
  • Hey guys, we got to try out the new reclining chairs while watching Return of planet of Apes. It was really nice
  • large, clean really nice
  • Best movie theater I have ever been to. Nice, clean, different, fancy food selection
  • Food is extremely expensive but then again what movie theaters not but the seats are great and so is the staff!
  • sign up on their website for their weekly freebies and download their app on your phone then once in your seat on the app put your phone in CineMode. you'll get more freebies after the movie!
  • Wanna get a discount? When you enter, go to the ATM looking thing by the doors and if you're in the navy put that before buying your tickets and you get a discount!
  • At the movies!!!! Watchin spiderman
  • Studio Eats now brews Starbucks coffee. You can also get a Frappuccino!
  • My kids love this place!!!
  • I think it is well worth the drive to D'iberville to go to The Grand- way better service and much cleaner . The GM here is a cheap DB

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