Cincinnati Has More Hot Dogs Than Chicago and More News

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Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Marcus Samuelsson at RNC: The chef behind Yes, Chef made a cameo via video at the Republican National Convention to talk about portion control, new sources of protein, and the fight against obesity. "Food is an American issue, everything is not an 'R' or a 'D'," he said, as he'll also be at the DNC next week. [Tampa Bay Times]

Vermont Restaurnat Caught Charging "Queeb Tax": A restaurant in Burlington, Vt., was reportedly automatically charging diners with French accents a gratuity fee of 18 percent, seemingly because French-Canadian visitors were knwon for not leaving a 20 percent tip. [Eater]

Charlie Trotter's Anniversary Dinner: Grub Street goes behind the scenes at the preparation for Trotter's $2,500-per-plate anniversary dinner. [Grub Street]

How Common are Hot Dogs in Chicago? Census data shows that Chicagoans only have to travel a maximum of 1.5 miles to find a hot dog, although Cincinnati has a hot dog on 7.27 percent of its restaurant menus. Chicago only has hot dogs on 1.2 percent of their restaurant menus. Chi-town better step it up. [Chicagoist]

Famous Writers' Foods: Check out what your favorite writers ate and drank, from A to Z. [The Awl]