CIA to Host Menus of Change Leadership Summit June 10-12

The conference will strive to create solutions towards conscientious food consumption

More and more over the past few years, people are becoming aware of the consequences our actions and needs as human beings have on the environment.  In no way is this truer than when it comes to food consumption.  All over the US, chefs and restaurateurs, professors, farmers and nutritionists have started to work together and collaborate in a holistic approach towards the promotion of sustainable and delicious food habits.  One of the most exciting initiatives taking place from the 10th-12th of June in Cambridge, is the first annual leadership Summit - Menus of Change.  Hosted by the Culinary Institute of America in partnership with Harvard School of Public Health, this collaboration is the epitome of a melding of the minds around the identification of the problems and issues and most importantly, creative solutions towards conscientious food consumption.

The three days will hold a series of conferences and seminars ranging from food service innovation, health and sustainability as well as more specific seminars and lectures pin pointing issues in fisheries, sugar sweetened beverages and obesity.  No matter what your angle is, there will be something at this event to interest you, to learn from and to grow from.


Key speakers include: Gail Christopher, President of W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Andrea Illy of Illy Caffe, Tim Ryan, EdD President of CIA and Walter Willett, MD director of HPH.  Event registration has now closed, however, click here to put your name on the waitlist in order to participate in any or all of the seminars and activities, become a part of the menus of the future!