Chrysler Building

Building, Historic Site
405 Lexington Ave (at E 42nd St)
New York, NY 10174


  • The Chrysler Building was built at an average rate of four floors per week & was the world's tallest building for 11 months before it was surpassed by the Empire State Building in 1931.
  • For a sans-tourist view of the NYC skyline, tell security you're going to Zen Dentistry on the 69th floor. Once there, ask if they take your insurance. While they research, enjoy the view & take pics
  • Unfortunately this beautiful Art Deco buildings observation deck has been closed since 1945. The marble lobby is open to visitors though, and its free!
  • New Yorks tallest for only one year, the 1930 skyscrapers spire of radiant stainless steel arches won it icon status nonetheless. - Green Guide Editor
  • Aunque la altura del Empire State hace que se lleve casi toda la fama, el edificio Chrysler es el rascacielos favorito de gran parte de los neoyorquinos y de muchos visitantes.
  • Prettier than the Empire State, IMO
  • From 1930 to 1931 the Chrysler Building was the tallest building in the world. Did you know parts of the building were modeled on 1920s Chryslers?
  • Gratte-ciel prfr de New York, le Chrysler Building est un bijou de l'architecture Art Dco! Il n'est pas ouvert au public, mais vous pouvez entre dans le hall.
  • How much would you pay for the tallest brick building in the world? In 2008, a 90% stake in this classic Art Deco-style structure was purchased by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council for $800m
  • Iconic NYC skyscraper. Was vision of Walter Percy Chrysler who wanted the world's highest toilet so he could "look down on Henry Ford and s**t on the rest of the world." More site history here. <LINK>
  • One of our favorite NY buildings. Designed by achitect William Van Alen, the building still lights up the NY skyline.
  • It's an architectural masterpiece but also secretly conceals the most notorious freak in NYC. Somewhere in the towering recesses, the Green Goblin can be heard pounding out standards on a grand piano.
  • Thanks to a last minute decision to add a needle-thin spire through the crown of the building, Chrysler was championed the Worlds Tallest Building for eleven months in the 1930 Race of The Sky.
  • This is the building in which the american girl is working at in #welovepeople video. Este es el edificio en el que la chica americana est trabajando en el video #welovepeople
  • Don't forget to look up when entering the building...
  • Most beautiful building ever. Look up.
  • A view from 69th floor..
  • The lobby at the Chrysler Building, clad in marble, onyx and amber, is one of the most beautiful, iconic rooms in NYC. For more local tips, follow us on 4sq or check out
  • The top of the building is a NYC classic, with Art Deco motif's,look at the top and you will see, plus the interior's take you back to the 30's..
  • I just wanna say one little word. "Spiderman".

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