Chocolate Ice Cream Is the Way to Michelle Obama's Heart

Yesterday, the Obamas celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, and this video shows just how Obama wooed his first lady

Last night Barack Obama started off the presidential debates by saying happy anniversary to Michelle Obama, and while the rest of the debate may be just a bit hazy due to all those drinking games, at least you have this to watch the morning after.

Watch below as Barack and Michelle recount their blossoming love (sigh) and learn how Obama won the way to his wife's heart. While Barack may be all "it was the chocolate ice cream," Michelle says it was all his personality. Which makes sense; as much as we love chocolate and ice cream, we're not too sure it would seal the deal for us either.

Nevertheless, apparently the president and the first lady celebrated with a pizza party with the staff (we imagine a much more romantic endeavor will occur after the debate); the Romneys, in the meantime, went to The Cheesecake Factory for tomato basil pasta and pulled pork sandwiches.