Chocoholics Unite!

Celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day with a double scoop at an ice cream social

What a beautiful sight.

If there’s anything that comes close to being as iconic as a burger during the summer months, it’s a nice heaping pile of ice cream. Whether you’re a cone person, a cup person, or even if you’re a waffles and ice cream person — summer is where it’s at.

Though there are many of us who are still eating pints of rocky road and butter pecan in December, eating ice cream on the beach, in the yard, or straight from the man in the truck (Mister Softee!) is what summer is all about. 

And for chocolate lovers, National Chocolate Ice Cream Day is something to celebrate. Chocoholics everywhere should be coming together for a gathering with all the right indulgences: brownies, cookies, sprinkles, etc. 

Throw an ice cream social fit for your choco-crazed pals and even throw a vanilla lover in there, too … they’re allowed, we guess. 

Create a bar filled a few different varieties of chocolate ice cream: World Class Chocolate from Baskin-Robbins, chocolate chip, cookie dough, etc. Accompany the star of the show with all the fixings, both savory and sweet, and have yourselves a blast like no other — make sure you have guests name their confectionary concoctions and keep tabs of the best, the worst, and the downright decadent. 

If you want to get really crazy, stock up on cookies and waffles and have a chocolate ice cream sandwich showdown.