Is This Chipotle’s Tasty Made Slogan?

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Is This Chipotle’s Tasty Made Slogan?

Chipotle Mexican Grill has new marketing slogans that could signal a renewed affirmation of the “Food With Integrity” positioning that has been blunted by food-safety incidents. Or, more intriguingly, the company may have trademarked taglines for possible use with the Tasty Made burger concept Chipotle plans to open this fall in Lebanon, Ohio.

Earlier this month, Chipotle filed federal trademark registrations for “Cutting Additives, Not Corners,” “The Nature of Taste” and “Additives Subtracted.”TastyMade_Logo

In response to a request for comment on intended uses, Chipotle Communications Director Chris Arnold cautioned, “We file a number of trademark applications in the normal course of our business—some of which we use, some of which we don’t. I wouldn’t read too much into the simple act of filing a trademark application.”

And, indeed, it’s true that not all marks are used. Chipotle earlier filed for but cancelled trademarks on both “BetterBurger” and “Better Burger” for its burger concept. Its choice of Tasty Made, however, is the subject of a legal dispute with Boston chain Tasty Burger, which alleges the Tasty Made logo is “unmistakably similar to our own in color, shape and design.” Chipotle has said it intends to continue with the Tasty Made name.

Phrases such as “Cutting Additive, Not Corners” certainly could be used with Chipotle Mexican Grill’s ingredient-quality marketing stance. Or not used at all. But all three of the new trademarks easily could work with Tasty Made as well since it, too, will have a healthier-eating positioning.

In announcing plans for the burger concept last month, Chipotle CEO Steve Ells said Tasty Made “will use Responsibly Raised brand beef (from animals that are raised in more humane ways and without the use of antibiotics or added hormones), shakes made with real ingredients including milk, cream, sugar, eggs and other natural ingredients, and fresh-made buns that are free of preservatives, dough conditioners and other artificial ingredients.”

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