Chinese Police Discover 46-Year-Old Chicken Feet in Food Fraud Raid

Police in the Guangxi province of China have discovered some seriously out-of-date food

Usually, when we get "fresh chicken feet," we tend to think they're only a day or two old. But it turns out, some random grocery store in China might just be selling off 46-year-old chicken feet. Yikes.

The Telegraph reports that Chinese police in the Guangxi provence busted an underground network that has been flooding the food market with questionably old chicken feet, tripe, and throat. The worst instances of food fraud turned out to be chicken feet that date back to 1967, a time, The Telegraph points out, before Tiananmen Square.

The culprits were hoping to turn some 2.2 pounds of outdated chicken into 3.3 pounds of "fresh" chicken, treating the old chicken with chemicals like hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and make the feet look "white and big." Officials found about 22 tons of out-of date meat, The Telegraph reports.


Of course, this isn't the only instance of food fraud that's been reported before; In May, Shanghai restaurants were found to be serving rat, mink, and fox meat instead of lamb. Last year, a man eating hot pot in Wuhan, China, was sent to the emergency room when chemical additives burned a hole through his stomach. Suffice it to say, we're going to stick to home cooking next time.