China Gets At-Home Food Toxin Testing Kits

University scientists develop at-home food safety test

China might have the some of the world's oldest and most delicious cuisines, but it does not currently have a particularly good reputation for food safety. Toxic chemicals have been found in chicken, condoms in yogurt, and carcinogenic mildew in peanuts. Government efforts to crack down on food safety violations have not done much to boost consumer confidence, so scientists have invented a testing kit so people can check their food for toxic chemicals in the safety of their own homes.

According to Shanghaiist, researchers at the Tianjin University of Science and Technology developed the at-home kit, which consists of strips of color-changing paper that test for more than 60 kinds of chemicals that could be in food.

Considering all the crazy things that have been found in food, 60 chemicals seems a bit of a short list.


The testing kits are not on sale yet, but Professor Shuo Wang from Tianjin University told the Epoch Times that his team had acquired 13 patents for their testing kit, and that it was expected to be in very high demand.