Restaurateur Assaulted Over Slow Service

A customer launched a violent attack because his dumplings took too long


The owner of a dumpling restaurant in China was reportedly viciously assaulted by a customer who said his food was too slow. 

Good food takes time, but a customer at a dumpling restaurant in the north of China decided he had been waiting quite long enough for his meal and launched a bloody assault on the restaurant’s owner for not making the man’s dumplings quickly enough.

According to the South China Morning Post, the violent customer visited the restaurant earlier this month with two other men and one woman. While the foursome was waiting for their dumplings, all four reportedly got very upset at the restaurant’s reportedly slow service and started a verbal fight with the owner, which quickly escalated.

While the fight was going on, one of the men reportedly pulled out a sharp weapon and bashed the owner over the head. According to SCMP, the assault carved nearly half the flesh off the top of the owner’s skull.

Seeing all the blood, the customers took off before police could arrive. In the altercation, however, the restaurateur’s wife managed to lift a car key off one of the assailants, so police know that they were driving a Chevalet. The search for the culprits is reportedly ongoing.   


The restaurateur was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover, in spite of the grievousness of his injuries.