China Bans All U.K. Cheese Imports

China has banned all British cheese imports after dairy visit
Wikimedia/Eva K

Chinese officials declared a ban on cheese imported from the U.K. after visiting an unsatisfactory British dairy that does not export cheese to China.

In an attempt to improve food safety, Chinese officials have officially halted all cheese imports from the U.K., citing unsatisfactory standards at a British dairy that was visited last week. 

According to The Telegraph, the visiting officials “complained about maintenance, raw milk transport temperatures, chemical storage, and air sanitization.” The officials say that all British dairies that intend to export cheese to China must pass inspections before the ban is lifted.

Britain currently exports approximately 13 tons of cheese to China annually, but none of that was provided by the unsatisfactory dairy in question, because The Telegraph reports the dairy that was visited does not produce cheese that is exported to China.

Farming minister George Eustice said the results of the visit were “disappointing.”

“British cheese is the best in the world and produced to the highest safety and quality standards so it is disappointing that China have put a temporary block on cheese imports,” he said.

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Eustice said inspectors would shortly be visiting all British factories that actually export cheese to China so the ban could be lifted as quickly as possible.