Children's Fairyland

Theme Park, American, Café
699 Bellevue Ave (at Grand Ave)
Oakland, CA 94610
(510) 452-2259


  • This place rocks for toddlers, super safe and you can't lose them. The puppet show is one you'll actually enjoy.
  • avoid the 1:30pm Saturday juggling show -- the performer is a bit of a misanthrope
  • buy a magic key to unlock the stories! and take a bigger kid to thoroughly embarrass him!
  • A very great place to take the kids on the weekend and holidays. The food is the basic amusement park prices. Overall a getaway to spend time with your kids.
  • Soak in the sun ya'll :D
  • Pack a lunch! By the time you wait in line, order lunch & eat you'll spend an hour & a half waiting for a simple sandwich or hotdog. It's faster to leave and go to WholeFoods couple blocks away.
  • Perfect for the wee ones so long as 38" > wee > 54"
  • Remember: no pun play after sunset.
  • It's pretty run down, but it's not for you. My almost 2 year old loved it and I would take him back.
  • this is such a sweet place, and the grilled cheese from the restaurant is toddler approved.
  • You can't get in unless accompanied by a kid - but if you do have small children, this is the place to be. Walt Disney got inspiration for Disneyland from this place.
  • Probably the most convenient child-eating dragon on the West Coast. Tell your kids "it's a slide!"
  • Cool gift shop
  • Lots of attractions closed or need attention. This place is obviously struggling but still entertaining for my 2.5 yo, me- not so much. At least it was only $10 pp!
  • Rides, puppet show, carousel, animals.
  • Children's rides, puppet show, carousel, animals.
  • Great for ages 3-5, small but enough to entertain for a couple of hours
  • If you have younger kids, buy a yearly membership. You WILL use it, and you can come in shorter bursts. My girls love this place!
  • This place is adorable and such a nice/ affordable place for kids
  • Watch out for trolls.

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