5-Year-Old Accidentally Takes Vodka to School in Her Lunchbox

A frozen cocktail pouch looks like any juice pouch if you can't read

A mom in Australia got a call from the principal after her 5-year-old daughter accidentally took a frozen cocktail pouch to school.

A cool mom from Queensland, Australia, is a deeply embarrassed mom this week, because her 5-year-old daughter accidentally took a frozen vodka pouch to school in her lunchbox by mistake.

According to Mommyish’s Heather Spohr, the mother was packing her daughter’s lunch for the day, and she told her five-year-old to go ahead and grab a frozen juice pouch from the freezer to take to school with her. The little girl did so, but a 5-year-old usually can’t read, and in this case she didn’t know not to grab the pouch that says, “Smirnoff Freeze & Squeeze Triple Diamond Vodka Raspberry Sorbet.” To be fair, to a person who can’t read, it really does look like an innocent raspberry juice pouch.

The little girl’s teachers immediately recognized the pouch as a grown-up drink, and the mother got a call at lunchtime from the girl’s school.


Nobody got in trouble for what the mother calls an “epic lunchbox fail,” though. She says she apologized for not sending enough for all the teachers, and the school reportedly thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious.