Chemicals in Plastic In Food and More News

In today's Media Mix, 'tuna scrape,' plus restaurant business gains

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

'Tuna Scrape' is the New 'Pink Slime': In the midst of food poisoning outbreaks linked to spicy tuna, the FDA warns of "tuna scrape," the "tuna backmeat, which is specifically scraped off from the bones, and looks like a ground product." [NPR/ Salt]

Lottery Winner on Food Stamps Charged: A Michigan woman who continued receiving food stamps after winning a $1 million lottery is charged with welfare fraud. [Washington Post]

Chicago Food Trucks Smell Change: New ordinances are in the works to better serve Chicago food trucks, but some owners are worried that a restauranteur's involvement could damage their chances for fair regulations. [Chicago Tribune]

More Restaurant Diners Despite Price Increases: Customers visited restaurant chains even as prices rose towards the end of 2011, new research says. [Restaurant News]

Plastic Chemicals End Up In Food: Traces of chemicals found in plastic food packaging are in the food supply, researchers say, causing greater concern for public health. [Washington Post]