Clams, Mussels, Crabs and Fish from Chefs' Choice: Surf or Turf Slide Show

Chefs' Choice: Surf or Turf Slide Show

Courtesy of Arthur Bovino

Clams, Mussels, Crabs and Fish

Chris Rom (Brooklyn Brewery) 

"Steamed Clams"


Doug Quint (Big Gay Ice Cream Truck)

“Mussels with white wine and garlic. I love sopping up the broth with toasted bread.”

Jason Neroni (formerly of 10 Downing)

“Crab, particularly peekytoe, hot.”

Fernando & Jolanda Martinez(Country Boys/Martinez Taco Truck and 2009 Vendy Cup Winner)

“Anything with seafood.”

Erin McKenna (BabyCakes NYC)

“Whole fish.”

Michael White (Marea)

“Roasted squab or Italian canned tuna on whole wheat toast with tomatoes and a touch of Hellman’s mayo to make it American.”

Courtesy of Maryse Chevriere

Chicken: Done in Many Different Ways


“Big Lou” Elrose (Wildwood Barbecue)

"BBQ Chicken."

Stephane Dorian (10 Downing)

"Whole roast chicken."

Erik Osol  (ilili)


“Yakitori grilled chicken skin.”


Humberto Guallpa (Sweetiepie)

Hector Tice (Black Duck)

Courtesy of Maryse Chevriere


William Oliva (Delmonico’s Restaurant): "Sushi from Blue Ribbon".


Paul Liebrandt (Corton): "A good piece of sashimi from Yasuda or Bar Masa".


Cesare Casella (Salumeria Rosi): “It changes depending on my mood. But I like to go out for sushi about three times a week.”

Michael Gabriel (The Sea Grill): "Particularly from my own restaurant or Nobu."

Charles Phan (The Slanted Door)

Ludovic Augendre (Mad Mac)

Michael Bao Huynh (Bar Bao)

Tadashi Ono (Matsuri)

Juan Branez (Rock Center Café)

Courtesy of Maryse Chevriere



Dana Cowin (Food & Wine)

Courtesy of Maryse Chevriere



Julian Medina (Toloache and Yerba Buena)

“Octopus, I love it grilled, when it's nice and charred, and with lemon and olive oil.”

Paul Di Bari (Bar Stuzzichini)

“Octopus at Casa Mono"  

Michael Cressotti (Sushi Samba)

“Octopus, served either seared a la plancha or confit.”

Christian Mir (Stone Creek Inn)

“Octopus, grilled, or any way. I always want to try different preparations.”

Govind Armstrong (Table 8)

Natalia Machado (Industria Argentina)

Courtesy of Maryse Chevriere




David Suarez (Rosa Mexicano)

“Any kind of pork”

Ming Tsai (Blue Ginger)

“Braised pork belly”

Fernando Marulanda (Victor’s Café)

“Roast Pork”


Jim Leiken (DBGB Kitchen & Bar)

Courtesy of Maryse Chevriere



Shaun Hergatt (SHO Shaun Hergatt)

“Braised short ribs”

Joachim Splichal (Patina Restaurant Group)

“A great steak”

Karen DeMasco (Locanda Verde)

“Steak Tartare. Where’s the best? Locanda Verde! Blue Ribbon has a good one too.”

Deborah Racicot(Gotham Bar & Grill)

“Steak Tartare. Les Halles has the best in the city hands-down.”

Mario Garcia (Cuba)

“Good steak, like a nice rib eye.”

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