Chefs' Anonymous Questions For Their Peers Slideshow

Arthur Bovino

We asked chefs what they would ask their peers if they could ask their questions anonymously. Then we asked each chef to answer their own question.

Arthur Bovino

Chef's Question: "Where do you get your foot massages from?

Chef's Answer: "On Mott between Broome and Grand."

Chef's Question: "How many components of this dish did you steal from someone else?"

Chef's Answer: "The answer is all of them."

Chef's Question: "Not that we have a vermin problem, but what do you do if you see a rat or a mouse scurrying across the floor, an uninvited guest out in the open? At some point, it is New York."

Chef's Answer: "I could see us being really extreme and shutting the door. A mouse out in the daytime would be death because they’re nocturnal. If you see one in the daytime that means there are so many that they are pushing each other out of the hole."

Chef's Question: "What the f@#k?"

Arthur Bovino

Chef's Answer: "Why can I get a burger at Five Napkin for $5 that’s just as good as a burger I get at a two or four-star restaurant for $48? Same meat, same bun, just maybe a different atmosphere."

Chef's Question: "What are the secrets to managing the perfect business? How do you keep your employees happy?"

Chef's Answer: "I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking. I try to figure it out everyday."

Chef's Question: "What do you do in your free time?"

Chef's Answer: "I don’t have any free time — I have two kids."

Chef's Question: "If you could get a free ticket and free meal to anywhere in the world, where would you go?"

Chef's Answer: "El Bulli or I’d say, find a sushi bar in Tokyo, a really good sushi bar."

Chef's Question: "Ask them how they do it."

Arthur Bovino

Chef's Answer: "I just kind of wing it myself."

Chef's Question: "What’s the best tool in your kitchen?"

Chef's Answer: "Your chefs. Your staff."

Chef's Question: "Who do you think is the best chef?"

Chef's Answer: "That’s a tough question. My mom swears it’s me."