A Chef’s Secrets for Cooking Fish

Scottish chef Michael Smith shares an easy way to avoid overcooking fish ever again
Michael Smith
Maryse Chevriere

Michael Smith

Scottish-Style Ceviche

For lunch out on their boats, local fishermen shuck a fresh scallop, put a little whisky on it, and eat it like a ceviche. We had the pleasure of trying a scallop prepared this way when we went to a lunch cooked by chef in New York City — it was delicious. But chef says that you can try this with almost any type of seafood. For fresh fish or scallops, put some bourbon in it or single-malt whisky (the purest form of whisky) and eat it. If you don’t use a single-malt, then it will be a blend and won’t be as pure.


How to Cure Salmon with Whisky

Smith cures farmed salmon for gravlax and uses whisky to do it. A single malt is too expensive, so they cover the fish in a blend for 24 hours, cure it with salt and sugar for another 24 hours, then lay it on acetate, put on a layer of single-malt whisky, and then refrigerate it until it’s ready to be served.


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All photos courtesy of Maryse Chevriere