Chef Mihoko Obunai to Open New Atlanta Pop-up, Ramen Freak

Chef Mihoko Obunai to Open New Atlanta Pop-up, Ramen Freak

There’s always something so satisfying about a warm bowl of ramen on a cold winter night. Come November 3, Chef Mihoko Obunai, a celebrated Atlanta chef known for her delicious ramen concoctions will be satisfying the streets of Atlanta with her new pop-up, Ramen Freak.

Ramen Freak, which will take over The Sound Table space on Edgewood Avenue, will be serving reimagined ramen and izakaya classics each Monday from 5 p.m. until the food runs out. The new venture for Chef Obunai comes on the heels of her recent departure as lunchtime chef at Southbound, a farm-to-table favorite located in Chamblee, Georgia.

According to a release sited by Eater, "Ramen Freak is an immersive ride through the back streets of Shinjuku, in search of hot Ramen and cold, cold beer," reads a release. "Ramen is not a game, and Chef Mihoko Obunai's reputation as a master of the form precedes her. Having helmed successful Ramen pop-ups nationwide, often in collaboration with Sun Noodle chief Shigetoshi Nakamura, Obunai continues to amaze with her subtle blend of traditional technique and bold, savory innovation."