Chef Jason Howard invites you to Taste The Caribbean In May

Chef Jason Howard aspires to be one of the worlds top Caribbean chefs, and has already brought Caribbean cuisine its first ever Michelin star.

Food lovers are in for a treat of fine dining, Caribbean style courtesy of Chef Jason Howard a sous chef, previously at The Connaught Hotel two star Michelin restaurant.

In his second season of Caribbean fine dining events, titled "Taste The  Caribbean", diners will be introduced to a six course treat of Caribbean exquisite delight and tastes at The Open Bar and Kitchen in Hoxton Street, Shoreditch — London.

The Barbadian Chef with more than 14 years experience working in 4 and 5 star hotels in Barbados, before coming to London, specialises in fusing the Caribbean food and flavours of his background in a deconstructed way, delivered on par with the excellence found only in Michelin and 5 star establishments.

Chef Jason Howard's inspiration and driving force behind is his food is to showcase Caribbean food on an international footing, along with French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Indian and other world cuisines.

He firmly believes that whilst many Caribbean chefs opt to indulge in other foreign tastes and menus, they forget that their strongest asset is the homegrown and regional food and flavours, that makes Caribbean cultural food experience what it is.

Caribbean food is already a fusion of African, Amerindian, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, English and many more influences. The current over promotion of Food and Wine events in the Caribbean of recent can seem nonsensical as the no Island are reputed for wine growing, with possibly Cuba.

All the Islands produce a Rum, it would make sense to be able to use this as ingredient in more creative ways deliver a food and rum experience and sell that.

Already receiving positive praise, five star reviews for his food more recently from the Grub Club social dining circuit with comments including, 'Amazing flavours - this is his great strength - he absolutely understands how food should taste, every course a contrast and a delight - no duds from start to finish.'

Courses will include Chicken consomme with coconut dumplings, Curried salt fish ravioli, West Indian fish stew plus a redefined West Indies curry goat with Caribbean inspired desserts to follow.

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So definitely a jerk chicken and rice 'n' peas cliché free zone.