Chef Gordon Maybury Named Executive Chef at Arizona Biltmore

The chef brings new twists on popular dishes to the menu

Chef Gordon Maybury, who has just been named executive chef at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, has a simple philosophy about food: "You can never make a good dish out of bad ingredients, even if it looks good."

Handling the historic Wright’s as well as Frank & Albert’s, which serves Arizona comfort food like desert flatbreads and crab Louis with a Biltmore twist, he is aiming to re-innovate popular dishes.

In his new home he has found a superb culinary team keeping the restaurant concepts on target, and the food quality excellent. "My plan is to introduce any changes thoughtfully and gradually," he adds, "most likely focusing on bringing more local products to the table, adding more interest to the menus where needed, and further defining the integrity of the restaurant concepts."


"For me," he says, explaining his philosophy in a nutshell, "it’s about simplicity: serving the very best product, using classic techniques, seasoning properly."