Chef Matthew Gaudet to Host First 'A La Carte Collaborative'

Chef Matthew Gaudet to Host First 'A La Carte Collaborative'
West Bridge

If West Bridge's infamous egg in a jar is anything to go by, you will want to be at Chef Gaudet's restaurant on the evening of February 3th to experience the culinary mastery of four rock star chefs from all over the country...all in one kitchen!

Chef Matthew Gaudet has never been one to sit and twiddle his thumbs for any amount of time.  At his Kendall Square Restaurant West Bridge, in addition to menus that change seasonally and often offer unique evening specials, chef has been brewing something up altogether.  On February 3rd, West Bridge will host their first ever 'A La Carte Collaborative' dinner.  Much as it sounds, this evening will be an experience in worldly culinary authenticity as Gaudet invites some of his very favorite cronies to join him in the kitchen.

With West Bridge’s regular menu on hold for this evening, guests can enjoy a wide variety of dishes prepared by a stellar group of rock star chefs, without even leaving the comfort of Cambridge.  Jose Enrique from Jose Enrique Restaurant in Puerto Rico, Jason Vincent of Nightwood in Chicago and Matt Jennings of Farmstead in Rhode Island will join Matthew in creating a one-night-only a la carte menu.

The evening will proceed as follows: each chef will prepare four different dishes, and in true West Bridge form, guests are encouraged to order a selection from the diverse offerings to share in the different flavors and textures and enjoy all together.  With the four different chefs and a total of 16 dishes, there will be just the right amount to choose from and if you head in with a group (the more the merrier!) – a taste of each dish is easily feasible.

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Needless to say, this kind of culinary experience is extremely rare - four stellar chefs in one kitchen all firing up dishes for your enjoyment at the same time?  Definitely not something you will want to have missed. Reservations are highly recommended.

1 Kendall Square (Hampshire St.)
Cambridge, MA 02139
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