Concoct Your Own Drinks at Angelo Sosa’s Poppy Den

Staff Writer

Award-winning chef Angelo Sosa, who recently opened Poppy Den restaurant in Las Vegas' Tivoli Village, is no stranger to culinary inventiveness (as anyone who watched him on Top Chef would know). He’s outdone himself this time, though, as he’s introduced "Mixology Kits" at the Asian-themed gastropub.

The individualized kits allow patrons to experiment, personalize, and most of all have fun with their cocktails. Containing four cocktail droppers each, they allow guests to customize their cocktail with lemon, lime, bitters, and simple syrup. Even though the mixologists behind the bar certainly know their stuff, sometimes it’s nice to be able to tweak the drink a bit without having it completely remade. 

"The mixology kits are a reflection of Poppy Den’s environment, a way for guests to broaden their horizons and experience new tastes and senses," chef Sosa told The Daily Meal. "The kits are a wonderful addition to our wide selection of signature cocktails and a great interactive way to get creative during your night out."

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Once again, this globetrotting chef is bringing interesting ideas to the table!