Chef Amanda Freitag and Rue La La Partner for a Recipe Demo

Watching the ‘Next Iron Chef’ star demo a recipe on Rue La La this Sunday

Watch Amanda Freitag demo this recipe on Sunday, August 11, and then buy all the equipment you need on Rue La La.

This Sunday, August 11, amateur chefs everywhere will have the chance to achieve greatness — or, more specifically, Amanda Freitag’s greatness.

As part of their “Sunday Supper” chef series, the online flash sale boutique, Rue La La, will feature an easy, user-friendly how-to video by Amanda Freitag, a former competitor of the Food Network’s The Next Iron Chef, on how to create her delicious, light, and perfect-for-summer zucchini panzanella salad. And because your mouth will surely start to water, Rue La La will feature all of the utensils, tools, and products needed for the recipe from Sunday through Tuesday, August 13.  So now you’ll be able to create Freitag’s savory dish without even breaking the bank.

The panzanella (Italian-English cheat sheet translation: a salad with day-old bread, fresh veggies and light seasoning) includes fresh zucchini ribbons, lots of herbs, and a light vinaigrette dressing. Is your mouth watering already? Here’s your sneak peak of the recipe she’ll be demoing on Sunday, so you can brush up on your slicing, dicing, and mixing in advance. 

Click here to see the Grilled Zucchini and Tomato Panzanella Salad Recipe


Daisy Melamed is a freelance writer based out of New York City, and also writes for the New York Daily News and New York Magazine, among others.