Cheetah Hunt

Theme Park
3600 E Busch Bl (at Crown Colony Plaza in Busch Gardens)
Tampa, FL 33612


  • Yell: "I'm a Cheetah!!!!!" really loud!!!
  • Short wait on weekdays. The launches make it all better. try to get in the 1st car cuz it launches strait off rather than the second that has to wait. It's an amazing one to ride.
  • This ride does not take you to White Castle.
  • Front row is the best
  • Leave any bags in lockers at front of ride or the annoying BITCH standing at entrance wont let you in
  • It is going to be amazing!
  • Great Coaster! It's the longest one in park!
  • Take your pops! I rode with my 68 year old dad (who hasn't been on a coaster in years) on Father's Day 2011. Smooth ride. Get stoked you're about to go from zero to cheetah.
  • The front row is always fun, but the back row is better. Its a wilder ride and the suspense from not knowing when its going to launch is incredible.
  • Doesn't matter what row you're in. It rocks!!!!
  • A mais top de todas! Muito veloz e mesmo assim a mais longa! Fui trs vezes...excelente.
  • Bring quarters for the lockers.
  • Amazing Ride. The front row is THE best!
  • This ride breaks more than it works. Been twice since opening and it has broke multiple times while we were in line.
  • Awesome ride. Got talked into first row and it's definitely the way to go.
  • 10 minute wait for front row! Heck yes!
  • Front row is the way to go.
  • too awesome!
  • Secure your phone/car keys/valuable items!! I lost my cell phone on this ride, don't do the same.
  • First lift is the best part! Montu is still better by far, but enjoy the smoothness

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