Cheers to… 3/18-3/22

Staff Writer
Spring is officially here and we’re so excited that we’re handing out a whole lot of toasts
Chris Polk

We don’t know what it is — maybe the idea of warm weather ahead — but we’re extra excited about raising a glass to a few people who deserve it this week.
You’ll see a few returning faces (what can we say, they earned it!) and a few new ones who gained the honors.

Cheers to… Justin Timberlake, again. Sorry we’re not sorry, but with the drop of his buzzed about album, The 20/20 Experience, and the release of his stunning new video for "Mirrors" and a feature in The New York Times  about his style, this one was a given. Keep it up, JT. [NY Times]

Cheers to… The Miami Heat, again. 24. Games. In. A. Row. That is all we have to say about that. [Bleacher Report]

Cheers to… March Madness. Good luck to all — and we mean those who are betting on brackets, not the actual teams themselves.[FOX]

Cheers to… Bo, the White House dog, who seems to be an expert at hunting Easter eggs and looks pretty damn good while doing so. [The Daily Meal]

Cheers to… Ryan Gosling — oh wait, no. Why are you taking a break from acting again? Losing Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling in one month is just too much to bear. [ABC News]

Cheers to… Hillary Clinton for being awesome and announcing her pro-gay marriage stance. [HuffPo]

Cheers to… The return of Jonathan Taylor Thomas and — bonus! — a reunion with Tim Allen. [US]

Raise a Glass to Anna Wintour, Miami Heat, and MoreCheers to! 2.18-2.22

And yes… of course. Cheers to… SPRING! Hello salads, alfresco dining, bare legs, and sundresses. We’ve missed you.