Champagne Pocky Available in Time for the New Year

Champagne Pocky is available for fancy New Year’s snacks

Champagne-infused gourmet Pocky is being introduced in Japan just in time to help people cope with the early days of 2017. 

Champagne is the traditional and most fancy way of celebrating the start of a new year, and people in Japan will be able to ring in 2017 with a new batch of fancy chocolate Pocky and other snacks made with real Champagne.

According to Rocket News 24, the company that owns Pocky is rolling out a series of limited-edition snacks for New Year, and they’re all made with Champagne.

Champagne-flavored Pocky is a standout, of course. Each stick is slightly longer than a standard Pocky stick, and it is covered with Champagne-enhanced chocolate that contains a little bit of actual alcohol. In addition to the Pocky, Glico’s Caplico cone-shaped chocolate cookies filled with aerated chocolate cream will also have a Champagne edition, and the Premio chocolate-covered almonds will also get a bit of bubbly added.


The new limited-edition Champagne chocolates are a good way to celebrate the new year, but it sounds like they’ll actually be a couple days late. The chocolates are expected to be in stores in Japan on January 3, so they’ll miss the New Year parties, but be around in plenty of time to help people cope with the early days of 2017.