The Chairman Truck

Food Truck, Chinese, Dim Sum


  • Steamed pork belly bun is the best!
  • Try the Tender Pork Belly Baked Bun
  • Pork belly bao! Yum!
  • Try the Pork Belly, and Duck Confit they're both delicious!!!!
  • Everything here is good. No matter what, be sure to get the chips.
  • The spicy chicken in the baked bun is bomb! Try the pork belly with daikon too.
  • 7x7's Big Eat 2012 says the pork belly bun is delicious. Yum!
  • Baked spicy chicken and the steamed pork belly. I usually eat only the meat and not the steamed bun to save calories.
  • Red Sesame Chicken People's Bun.
  • Try the pork belly bun. It rules!!!
  • Get 3, that's a meal!
  • Tasty but in my opinion pretty damn expensive for the food you get. 2.95 for a small bun is overpriced.
  • Their miso tofu isnt vegan or vegetarian. Its has buttermilk + fish sauce. They should adjust the recipe to be inclusive. Had bao w/ toppings of bok choy, daikon + tofu dressing. Ok but not filling
  • The chairman rules!! If you see it stop!
  • The pork belly bun is so delicious! Go steamed if you want a lighter meal and baked if you wanna get full. Have one of both! :)
  • That pork belly!
  • The tofu on steamed bun is a nice contrast to the rich pork belly!
  • Pork belly and braised bao's are great.
  • Eaters 20 Epic SF Sandwiches To Eat Before You Die: #13 Pork Belly Bun
  • Pork belly bao its awesome!

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