Century Stadium 14

Row 1

2400 S Carolyn Ave (Swenson Dr)
Sioux Falls, SD 57106
(605) 362-5068

Foursquare Tips

  • Make sure to sign up online for coupons or get the Cinemark app on your smartphone to get concession rewards.
  • Why does the cheese seasoning for popcorn get a big shaker, but salt doesn't?
  • Don't take your 3 year old to PG 13 movies if he/she can't sit still or be quiet for more than 5 minutes! Ruins it for the rest of us!
  • gotta see the Muppets, bitchezz
  • Comfortable seat, good for dates and families.
  • Be sure to arrive early for a showing, parking fills up fast. If you find yourself stuck with front row seating look in the bright side, at least you have plenty of foot room.
  • "prometheus" was ok
  • The lorax was such a cute and funny movie!!! :)
  • watch out for the mayor, adam. he rules with an iron fist.
  • Ummmm snacks are more than the movie..... ripoff
  • The XD theater had great leather, but was very uncomfortable. The Western Mall is more comfortable. 80 degrees inside with no air circula
  • Great place to take family to a movie
  • Basic. Fine.
  • If they're going to keep raising the price, they need to buy new seats.
  • I'm seeing die hard 5 today hope it is good and saw beatiful creatures last night it was ok but wouldn't have to buy it
  • Make sure to sit in the seats that rock back or else your knees are too close to the people in front of you
  • Seats are uncomfortable with no head rest unless you are short. The popcorn is good.
  • Killers was awesome