Cendol BMI 1985, Pekan Nilai Lama

Desserts, Food Truck, Arcade
Kampung Baharu Nilai, Negeri Sembilan 71800


  • Cendol pulut terbaik kat Nilai. :)
  • Cendol Special contains pulut, corn, and redbean. You can choose only redbean or only corn but the price is the same. Slurp! Nice cendol!
  • try the cendol n rojak here. for me it's just ok...
  • Some people say that the portion used to be a lot more but still the cendol here is nice!
  • Cendol terbaik weh. Sebelah dia ada rojak, pun sedap.
  • Cendol ini diorang guna cara lama. Memang pure!
  • I'm a Kedah born and raised. Cendol dgn pasemboq (rojak) ni mmg sinonim sgt. The cendol mmg not bad. Sorry to say But pasemboq dia mmg tak sedap. Cucuq mcm dh byk hari buat & simpan Kuah tak sedap.
  • Cendol pulut RM2 but worth it. Sedap rojak dia
  • Tasty cendol, acceptable proportion and the best is all at one flat price. Seats and parking would be the big issue since it is by the road side, at the corner of shop lots & near to bus terminal
  • Cendol & Rojak... Ohsem!!!
  • Not a big fan of cendol but I can assure you that this is the best cendol I have ever tasted. Haji shariff and cendol bakar pun tak boleh lawan.
  • layannn.....
  • The bowl is gettin smaller now..
  • lemak sume ade..
  • xbest sgt sbb meja xcukup, xleh nak lepak, baik lepak kat kedai depan shell kat ujung sana
  • sangat ramai malas nk beratur
  • Bes cendol ever, with acceptable portion, really satisfied
  • Cendol terbaik! Mee mamu pun sedap
  • Dah pindah sebelah masjid lama nilai (29/11/2019).

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