Celebrity Cocktails: Famous BFFs & Their Signature Drinks

Celebs obviously live in a different realm than us regulars; a world of thousand dollar blowouts and ankle boots that cost more than a sensible compact Toyota. It can be easy to flip though a fashion magazine or checkout aisle tabloid and forget that these people are human beings. Just chalk them up to lovely, benevolent aliens who've come down to Earth to wear our finest clothes and entice us to shove slick handfuls of narcotically salted popcorn into our reverent faces as we worship their giant images on the big screen.

Celebrity Cocktails: Famous BFFs & Their Signature Drinks (Slideshow)

That's why there's something reassuringly humanizing about seeing celebrities just goofing around with their besties. Whether it's Leo and Toby dressed down to cheer on the Lakers or that notorious photo of Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz smoking...tobacco, probably...from a hollow apple on the beach, celebrity friends put the beautiful people in a much more accessible context.

We can totally imagine ourselves nibbling Doritos and joking around with Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence when we see them clowning and laid back on the red carpet, or maybe having a few beers and cheering the Red Sox with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Separately, they're larger than life, but combined, they seem like pretty cool people.

Even more fun is when celebs let their guards down, get a little bit tipsy, and become just like us, looking to hang with their pals on Saturday night. We're not talking about rock-star-boozy public meltdowns or late-nineties celebutante obnoxiousness: just good clean, normal fun. Check out our look at famous drinking buddies and some fab cocktail recipes based on their drinks of choice.