Celebrity Chefs Share their Favorite Booze and Brews


The Daily Meal caught up with four celebrity chefs at the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival on July 28 and found out some of their favorite firewaters and go-to boozy beverages. From cocktail concoctions to thirst quenching brews, culinary personalities like Anne Burrell, Nadia G., Buddy Valastro, and Andrew Zimmern give us an insider swig of the liquids they love and the alcohols they avoid.

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Anne Burrell, host of Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, reveals her dislike of heavy beer, instead opting for white wine.

“I really don't drink much beer because I like to drink in volume and I just get too full,” quipped Burrell.

Andrew Zimmern, host of Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, singles out beer as one of his favorite drinks to imbibe on during the days before his sobriety.

“I used to drink a lot of beer,” said Zimmern. “I like it. I like it very dark and very strong.”

In terms of his drink pet peeves, Zimmern expresses his disapproval of the way wine is discussed and worries that the beer movement will eventually face the same fate.

“The whole language with the whole wine thing has gotten out of hand,” said Zimmern. “It's nice to see the beer thing come back. But the problem is I'm afraid that the 'popularatti' – that's a great word to coin – are going to co-opt the beer movement...and then people are going to go 'Oh, it's smoky with a raisin finish.'”

When Nadia G., host of Cooking Channel's Bitchin' Kitchen, is shaking up cocktails in the kitchen, she loves to concoct her special mojito recipe, while Buddy Valastro, star of TLC'S Cake Boss, is happy to sip just about anything on tap.

“If you pour it, I'll drink it,” said Valastro.

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