Celebrity Chef Dana Herbert Is Fighting Cancer With The World's Biggest Wedding Cake

Herbert plans to break the world record for the largest wedding cake this October in Las Vegas

Even though desserts are full of sugar, they don't always have to be terrible for you and Herbert tries his best to bring in healthy alternatives to recipe staples. With a diabetic brother and grandparents, Herbert is no stranger to carbohydrate and sugar counting to maintain a healthy diet, which is why he's become a substitution professional. "[For] cutting down on some of the fat and cholesterol you can go with apple sauce as a replacer in recipes, whether you're replacing for oil or the egg itself. It works beautifully and keeps your cakes moist," he says. He also suggests trying agave nectar in some recipes, which he uses to sweeten cheesecakes. "The flavor's really clean and there's no aftertaste." Of course, you can always try other sweeteners like Splenda and Stevia.

If you plan on baking a big cake soon and aren't sure what you need, there a couple items Herbert finds to be necessary tools, like a sheeter. Before he invested in one he used to hand roll everything, no matter how big the order was. "I have one by Somerset that I use," he says. "It just makes life faster, more efficient, evenly rolled out." He also suggests getting a nice pallet knife for getting your work off the table cleanly and nicely. Additionally, he thinks everyone should get a couple of really nice rolling pins, an acrylic one for rolling fondant and a heavy-duty one. "I have this big metal aluminum monster rolling pin," he laughs. "When you need to put some pressure on something, it's the best thing to have."

When designing a new cake Herbert first gets inspiration from his clients, making sure to really capture what they want. His second muse is women's fashion, saying that nine times out of ten he likes to look at couture designs. "I'm kind of a Chanel, Gucci guy so I look at those a little bit more, especially if I'm talking about wedding cakes." He's even been asked to match the cake to the wedding dress and though a challenge, he's always up for it. "Maybe at two in the morning I may not be as into what I got myself into," he laughs. "But the finished product always looks wonderful and you step back and you're like, 'Wow, we did it.'"

With the standard decorating time ranging anywhere from four hours to as much as 16, work can definitely take up a huge chunk of his life. In fact, his wife went into labor while he was slaving over a cake towering at almost five feet tall. "[I remember thinking], 'Just give me another hour, hour and a half," he says, recalling his hopes for a long labor. "My wife always says, 'Even when sleeping, you're downloading. Do you ever turn it off?'" he adds. "But I love what I do."

It's a good thing he loves it because he'll soon be attempting a new world record for the largest wedding cake — a whopping 20,000 pounds! The daunting task has been racing through his mind, calculating the process, how he's going to set it up, and whether or not it will be safe. "With tiers of this magnitude, if something were to fall…it's kind of like a car falling on you." The huge cake will be baked on behalf of the Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise money for breast cancer research and while a flavor hasn't been chosen yet, it will most definitely be pink.

Maybe they'll decide on one of his favorite flavors: "My favorite flavors would be red velvet with bacon, that’s a good one, I like creamsicle, southern lemon, and death by chocolate."

"When we started doing this cake, it started with, 'Hey, let's break the world record for the world's largest wedding cake.' And then it was like, 'If we're going to do it, shouldn’t it benefit somebody or a cause? We're going to put all this work into it, let someone benefit from it.' So I figured why not cancer?" he says. "So we were researching and looking at the different cancer associations and they're all great, but we noticed [Susan G. Komen Foundation] had a chapter there in Nevada and we thought what better thing to do, especially during October, breast cancer month. I figured it was something meant to be."

Once he, hopefully, establishes a new world record, the always busy Chef Herbert has a lot of plans on the horizon. "[I'll] maybe look into having my own show, [I'm]definitely going to do another cookbook, working on a new shop, and we'll see what happens from there," he says happily. If his wife is right and he processes while sleeping, I'm sure he'll get it all done in record time.


This story originally appeard on JustLuxe.