Celebrity Chef Baby Photos

Can you guess these celebrity chefs from their childhood photos?

Who did these adorable children grow up to be?

Ever wondered what the world’s culinary legends looked like as children? Now you can quench your curiosity as The Daily Meal presents an insanely adorable roundup of baby pictures featuring chefs, culinary icons, and food personalities. See if you can recognize an acclaimed pastry chef or an extremely adventurous eater among this collection of pint-sized cuties.

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Despite various beginnings, each member of this list fell in love with food and followed their culinary aspirations to achieve incredible success. Some grew up watching their families cook, others were inspired while traveling abroad, and still others found their passion after getting their hands dirty in professional kitchens.

No matter how their food obsession came about, these folks threw themselves into every aspect of food, from crafting exquisite dishes to creating cookbooks to hosting shows and founding food-related charities. We provided a few hints to help you along the way, so check out Chef Baby Pictures, and see what these icons looked like before they were all grown-up.

Missing your favorite chef or food personality? Let us know! Leave a comment below and declare who you’d like to see included. We’ll do our very best to get those pictures for you. Keep checking back as we’ll continue to update the list with more photos of culinary giants.