Celebrities' Favorite Coffee Shops

Where star "coffee-holics" go to get their fix

Any diligent consumer of pop culture knows it: Celebrities love coffee.

The addiction has been well-documented in the various gossip rags — just imagine the number of pictures of Britney Spears toting a Starbucks Frappe that Perez Hilton has accrued over the years. (Are we sure she doesn't secretly have a gig as their brand ambassador?)

Of course, there's nothing really revelatory about the trend — if you can even call it that — but, as a nation, our fascination with coffee culture has grown exponentially in recent years. But for the celeb-obsessed, the appeal of these sightings is easy to understand. Imagine flipping through a magazine only to find out that your big-time celebrity crush was enjoying a latte at your local café last week? Stalker city! (Kidding.)

Not surprisingly, coffee shops located in naturally star-packed cities like New York and Los Angeles are going to be your best bet for a sighting. Places like L.A.'s Urth Caffé could very well be mistaken for the set of a TV show (oh wait, it was. Entourage, anyone?). 

But other cities are home to celeb-frequented caffeine fuel pumps, too — like a certain Nashville shop favored by country music stars, or a busy D.C. coffeehouse where politicos stop in for a fix.

Let's face it: A caffeine buzz is just so much more buzzworthy when it includes a star sighting.

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