Celebrate Your Sister with a Treat

National Sister’s Day is Aug. 5. — are you prepared?

Having a sister is an irreplaceable experience and a bond that can never be lost. Some of us have one sister, some have multiple, and others have friends that are so close that they feel like family.
We’ve spent most of our lives either loving or hating our sister. Whether sisters are pulling out each other’s hair, having a tea party, braiding each other’s hair, or confiding in each other, the relationship will never fade."

National Sister’s Day is Sunday, Aug. 5 and nothing says, "Sis, you’re the greatest," like a special treat. So celebrate your bond with the sweetest of treats — a Georgetown cupcake

Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis Berman, sisters, best friends, and founders of the beloved D.C.-born cupcake brand know what it means to bask in their sisterly love. They’ve created an exclusive cupcake specifically for the day. A sweet and salty bite, it’s a caramel-filled chocolate cupcake, with salted caramel frosting, a chocolate ganache drizzle, and caramelized hazelnuts, topped with a special sister decal. 

Who needs flowers when you can have one of these babies? They're available at all Georgetown Cupcake locations from Aug. 3 to Aug. 5, and you’d be crazy not to grab one — for your sister, we mean. You share everything anyway, right?