Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with The Daily Meal

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As the Irish holiday approaches, get ready with our thorough and authentic guide
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Get in gear for St. Patrick's Day with us!

Get your drinking hats on — St. Patrick’s Day is nearly here! Before you tuck more green beers, pints of Guinness, and shots of whiskey than you can count, take a look at our guide that shares everything you need to know about how to celebrate the holiday successfully.

Check out Our St. Patrick's Day Guide Here!

The Daily Meal is bringing you everything from corned beef and cabbage to a sweet stout-filled chocolate cake, along with a look at how the Irish celebrate, alternative ways to party, and a great guide for kids.

We’ll take you on a journey through the history of some of Ireland’s traditions, and stop along the way to see some of the finest dining options in Dublin. If you’re staying in town, we’ve got a ton of bar recommendations from coast to coast, with the best hangover dishes to match for the morning after.

If you’re hosting a party of your own, don’t fret — party themes, menus, playlists, and treats for kids await you.

Lastly — and most importantly — we’ve got a bevy of beer, cocktail, and whiskey recipes as well as non-alcoholic sips, because, really, what’s St. Patrick’s Day without a drink?

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So grab your Irish pride — even if it’s just for a day — and party with us!