Celebrate National Hot and Spicy Food Day with Chicago’s Hottest Burger

Are you into hot and spicy fare? Celebrate the heat on Aug. 19

Wiener and Still Champion

Calling heat-seekers everywhere: Aug. 19 is National Hot and Spicy Food Day and Weiner and Still Champion in Evanston, Ill., has the ultimate way to celebrate.

The same crazy burger and hot dog masters who created the deep-fried gravy burger (which, just as it’s name suggests, includes a massive patty topped with a disc of deep-fried beef gravy) now present the "Hell on Earth" burger. The guys behind Wiener and Still Champion claim to be putting forth the hottest burger in Chicago with this latest creation.

So what does this devilish sandwich contain? It begins with a beef burger patty that is topped with housemade spicy mustard, chile garlic ketchup, "hellllish relish" made with seven varieties of super-hot peppers including habaneros and jalapeños, a serving of fried jalapeño chips, and housemade habanero hot sauce. And if that’s not enough heat for you, feel free to complete the meal with an order of Fire Fries, topped with melted cheese, "hellllish relish," and habanero hot sauce.

Know of another super-spicy dish worth seeking out this weekend? Leave a comment below.