Cedar Creek Park

Cedar Creek Rd (at N Ott St)
Allentown, PA 18104


  • Best playground in the area! The walkway is nice, and the pond is great for feeding ducks!
  • You can feed the geese if you are sneaky enough!
  • Nice park you could barbecue there
  • Beautiful park with a small creek where I joined the kids playing in it's cold water and enjoyed their garden and pond as well
  • The rose garden is cute and the main loop is nice for a bike ride.
  • Huge park with a place for picnics, bathrooms and a soft ground instead of mulch.
  • Ride the Paddleboats here at Muhlenberg Lake. Great time, but don't feed the ducks- $600 fine. However, you can feed the fish.
  • Great playground! Tons of unusual equipment to keep kids interested.
  • This is the best outdoor play area for kids in the Lehigh Valley
  • Mayfair!

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