Cave of the Winds

Scenic Lookout
Goat Island (Bridal Veil Falls)
Niagara Falls, NY 14303
(716) 278-1730


  • Worth a visit to get wet big style ;)
  • Fashionable footware provided
  • If you don't get soaked, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.
  • A great attraction and definitely worth the price. Experience the falls from a different angle, you'll be amazed!! Prepare to get wet to.
  • Yes. You have to wear the sandals.
  • Using the word cave is false advertising
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  • Belo e encantador porm muito frio. Menos dez graus
  • Foreigners, please do not stop on the stairs to just chill or take photos. No one can see with the mist and you cause problems. Also, stop litering, line cutting and pushing.
  • Watch out 4 the WATER !!!!
  • By pulling on the latch of those sandals, it ripped...I got another pair, and although it's cheap material, it was actually comfortable. They should just call it Hurricane Deck
  • You must go through this experience , Its magical
  • Absolutely a must do! You will not forget it.
  • Hurricane deck is amazing! You can feel the life
  • So pretty so excited so amazing
  • !!!
  • Definitely must visit. You will not excuse yourself if you don't try it out. The price is 17$ and they give you shoes and raincoat
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  • Wear quick dry clothes and just enjoy.. this is great
  • The spray is unrelenting, so bring swim goggles and gaze with eyes wide up at the majesty of the Falls.

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