Cathedral of Learning

Academic Building, Administrative Building, Scenic Lookout
4200 5th Ave (at Bigelow Blvd)
Oakland, PA 15213


  • Go to the 36th floor (before they close at 6pm) and check out the awesome views of Oakland, Downtown, and Schenley Park.
  • There are a pair of breeding falcons nesting outside the 40th floor of the Cathedral! You can watch them live online here
  • Did you know: The Cathedral is the 2nd tallest university building in the world. It is also the second tallest gothic-styled building in the world. Fantastic views of Oakland.
  • The centerpiece of the University of Pittsburgh, this landmark houses 27 different Nationality Rooms that celebrate the culture of the nationality it is named after.- Ethan, Marketing Director
  • On Tuesday nights during the academic year they bring therapy dogs to the main hall!
  • Print your final papers!
  • During the fall/ winter exam period, they light up the awesome big fireplaces on the main floor. Try to find a space near one to study!
  • In a rush? Skip to 3rd floor nationality rooms. Free and better narrations.
  • Secret rooms in both Early American Room and C-S Ballroom. Try to find them!
  • Nationality Rooms decked out for Christmas!
  • Awesome view in the unisex bathroom on the 34th floor
  • Known as the Symbol of Life and Spirit of Pittsburgh," there have been claims that the Early American Room is haunted, as people witnessed furniture moving, candles lighting and strange odors.
  • Check out the show at homecoming, where they have a laser show and shoot fireworks off the building. It's awesome!
  • Lower floors: Hogwarts and international awesomeness. Upper floors: standard college classroom/ office building.
  • Catch the fireworks and laser show homecoming weekend. Seeing fireworks shot off of the Cathedral is something you shouldn't miss!
  • i wouldn't suggest going to the bathroom on the 15th floor. it's weird!
  • This is my dream schoolhouse. One of the coolest interiors of a building ive ever been in. allot 2 hours to see it comprehensively
  • Head to the Nationality Rooms on the first and third floors. There are almost 30 of them and they keep adding more. I like the Armenian Room. What's your favorite?
  • The pride of Pitt. Be sure to take a tour of the Nationality Rooms, especially around Christmas when theyre all decorated.
  • Bring your own mug for the refill price of $0.99 at basement cafe.

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