A Casual Winter Weekend Brunch

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A Casual Winter Weekend Brunch

Winter Brunch Party Ideas - BirdsParty.com
There's nothing I love more than a nice weekend brunch. Especially in winter!It just evokes coziness, warmth and comfort to me.
I think it may due to the scrumptious food on offer, like my baked eggs or panettone & marmalade tart. Or it might well be due to the lashings of rum hot toddy's involved... ;)
Winter Brunch Party Ideas - BirdsParty.comWinter Brunch Party Ideas - BirdsParty.comWinter Brunch Styling & Tablescape IdeasSince we're all slightly partied-out from end of year celebrations (or is it just me?), I always go for a chillaxed, fun but no-fuss, easy-going atmosphere at winter brunches. So no complicated flower arrangements, and definitely NOT a kitchen marathon!

So I  stick with tried and tested recipes (with a  few twists), but try to make as much in advance as possible (like a day before). Then on the day, it's just a matter of popping dishes in the oven and keeping an eye on them.
For the styling, a simple table runner, white plates with dashes of gold in the flatware to pimp things up a bit; and cute mason jars and gold stripes straws for the hot beverages. 
Oh, and to add texture and keep things cozier still, I like to throw around some faux fur and cushions to my dinning chairs.
Winter Brunch Party Ideas - BirdsParty.comWinter Brunch Party Ideas - BirdsParty.com
Casual Winter Brunch DIY Table CenterpieceI find it's so much nicer to let food take centre stage for a relaxed, casual table. As it is this case. 
So the only DIY for this centerpiece (if it can even be called that...) was to cut some eucalyptus branches from my garden and plonk them in a vase. Eucalyptus lasts for-like-ever! So no need to add water either. It dries beautifully too, so you can keep it around for ages.
It's perfect since in winter, pretty flowers may be scarce. Another option (but it involved going out to get them..) is to use succulents or even herbs you may have handy like bay or rosemary.
Winter Brunch Party Ideas - BirdsParty.comWinter Brunch Party Ideas - BirdsParty.com
Easy Winter Brunch Menu & RecipesLike I said, 'easy and comforting' is my brunch motto. So I stick with make-ahead recipes as much as possible, and usually one hot savory dish + one cold savory dish (or side) + one hot sweet dish + one cold sweet option.
Plus drinks. Like a Mimosa Bar, Hot Cocoa Bar or a large batch of something like this Spiced Earl Grey Rum Hot Toddy so guests can serve themselves or add their own toppings and garnishes.
For the hot savory dish, I go for some sort of egg-based recipe. But poaching or frying means you have to stand over stove taking orders, and that is the last thing we want, right?! So baking is the best option, I find.My baked vol-au-vent eggs with smoked salmon (recipe next week) looks pretty, tastes great and is mega easy to make for a crowd! 
As the cold option, just slices of cold smoked salmon and a simply cherry tomato salad on the side.
Winter Brunch Party Ideas - BirdsParty.comWinter Brunch Party Ideas - BirdsParty.com
And for the cold sweet option, I serve some form of muesli or cereal with winter red berries, honey and yogurt. Couldn't be simpler!
For the sweet hot option, there's nothing better than a Baked Panettone and Marmelade Tart (recipe next week) to end on a super comforting note! It's can be baked the day before and re-heated , or prepped the day before and baked on the day. Either way, it's a perfect brunch treat, and you can use up any panettone left over from Christmas (even stale ones!).
Winter Brunch Party Ideas - BirdsParty.com
Hope you like these simple yet easy and deeelish ideas for your weekend brunch!
Brunch Party Credits:Styling, recipes and photography: Bird's Party

What about you? Do you love brunch as much as I do?We'd LOVE to hear about your fav brunch recipes in the comments! :)