Carmike Theater

Movie Theater, Cineplex
5280 State Route 30 (Westmoreland Mall Annex)
Greensburg, PA 15601


  • Matinee price is only $5.50.
  • The annual popcorn bucket is worth the price if you'll be visiting and buying popcorn at least 3 times by the end of the year.
  • Very nice movie theatre, hot popcorn!
  • If your gonna see a movie here rhe day it opens and you don't want to sit on the floor come 30 mins early
  • I've had sum ppl that didn't know what they were doin but.they were never rude to me!! I Love cumin to this one cuz they have better.chairs n a cup holders unlike other places I've been!!
  • Buy your tickets from fandango-so much more convenient
  • Go to the bathroom before you see paranormal activity 3!
  • Go see "The Fighter" - Christian Bale is amazing!
  • Overall the experience was pretty good. They have the most pre-movie trailers of any theater I've ever been in. You could show up 15 minutes late and not miss your flick.
  • Sneak a bottle of water in, 6.50 for a bargin ticket is high enough on top of 10 bucks for popcorn and soda
  • Ant-man bitches
  • Comfy seats! Butter popcorn! Get the bucket deal. Discounts on tickets Tuesdays.
  • Turtles movies
  • Go see "Heaven is for Real".
  • I know your not suppose to but bring your own drink and snack. Way to expensive for gummies and a water
  • Read movie reviews on before you spend your $ on tix!
  • Bathrooms and movie theater is extremely clean and if you go on Tuesdays it's $5 off a combo making a normal large popcorn drink combo normally priced at 14.70 down to 9.70 which is a steal
  • So excited to see Breaking Dawn2
  • Marissa is the coolest!
  • Pick up NY eve tics early so u don't have 2 wait in line

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