Carmike Lee Branch 15

Movie Theater, Cineplex
801 Doug Baker Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35242


  • Get the $18 bucket of popcorn, use it all year and only pay $3.50 for popcorn refills. The reward card will earn you points for free consessions and discounted movie tickets.
  • HUGE theatre... Whoa
  • It was way to dark during the movie, I couldn't see the steps and ended up falling down a flight of stairs:/
  • If the movie is late, you have to tell them or they won't know (it's all automated).
  • 4.75 for a bottle if water. Eek
  • Moms' Night Out is funny! Thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • Free birds is awesome!
  • 4-5:30 tickets are dirt cheap!
  • 2 guns was amazing!!
  • Best theater.
  • Call before you go for show times. The show time that was emailed from Carmike was wrong & someone had to tell them to turn off the lights in theater. Changes from Rave to Carmike haven't been good.
  • Great theater to go to for movies. Has better seating then carmike cinemas. But can't believe that carmike bought this one and Patton Creek
  • Ask for CNG, great helper!

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