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Carl’s Jr. Is Testing A Garlic Bread Burger and Garlic Fries

Get your breath mints ready for when these new menu items come to town
Carl's Jr.

Garlic: Vampires hate it, but many diners love it. If the pungent plant is your kind of seasoning, keep watching the menus at Carl’s Jr. The burger chain currently is testing both a garlic-bread burger and cheesy garlic fries in at least one southern California location, and if they make the grade, the halitosis-causing menu items may come to your town.

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Garlic bread replacing the normal bun isn’t the only spicy twist on the new Garlic Bread Thickburger. According to a video review from the YouTube channel Peep THIS Out!, diners at Carl’s Jr. can choose between a single, double, or 1/3 pound Angus beef patty. The burger is topped with crunchy little fried American cheese crisps, Swiss cheese, and mayo, tomatoes and grilled onions on grilled garlic sourdough bread. It costs between $4.45 and $6.70 depending on patty choice.

The cheesy garlic fries are practically a meal on their own, consisting of French fries topped with both garlic and melty shredded cheese. Peep THIS Out! reports the fries sell for $3.49. Bring your own breath mints.

Carl’s Jr. did not immediately respond to a request for comment about which locations have the test items and how long it might take for the chain to bring them to other stores. The parent company of Carl’s Jr. parent company acquired the Hardee’s chain in 1997, and food blog Chewboom reports that at least one Hardee’s location is also testing the garlicky burger.


Creative menu items aren’t new to Carl’s Jr. Earlier this year, the chain introduced Froot Loops mini-donuts, and in January some Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s locations tested a Jolly Rancher milkshake. The garlic bread burger won’t break your budget, but those with pricier tastes can check out America’s most expensive burgers.