Career Mentors Get a Taste of Culinary Education



By Hillery Wheeler, ICE Admissions Department


This month, ICE was thrilled to host an event for the some of the most important career mentors for aspiring chefs and hospitality professionals: school counselors. Nearly thirty educators from across the tri-state area joined our admissions staff for a firsthand look at ICE’s unique brand of culinary training. Over the course of the night, the counselors learned about culinary career opportunities for their soon-to-be-graduates while testing their hand at the art of pasta making with Chef James Briscione, Director of Culinary Development.

To kick off the evening, Chef Richard Simpson, Vice President of Education, provided insight into the various programs the school offers and shared stories of his own experiences in professional kitchens through the years. Maureen Drum Fagin, Director of Career Services, also spoke about the various resources that are available, both to ICE students as they pursue their externships and the ongoing support provided to ICE graduates as they move through their careers in the food and hospitality industries. Finally, Brian Aronowitz, Chief Marketing Officer, shared the exciting details about ICE’s forthcoming move to Brookfield Place, our brand new waterfront facility in Lower Manhattan. The counselors then stepped into the shoes of culinary students, as Chef James led a hands-on class in crafting artisanal pasta dough and shaping the perfect ravioli.