Caramelized Goat Cheese Sparks Fire, Shuts Down Tunnel

Who knew cheese could be so destructive?

In addition to the soda wreck that froze over a highway this morning, another food product has proven itself to be a liability on the road: caramelized goat cheese, or Brunost.

The brown goat cheese caught fire last week at the Brattli Tunnel in northern Norway, and burned for five days. According to officials, the toxic gases slowed recovery, as the high concentration of fat and sugar made it burn "almost like petrol, if it gets hot enough," a police officer told the BBC.

Luckily nobody was hurt, but the tunnel as since been closed. This is the first time officials have seen cheese catch fire on Norwegian roads, BBC reports, but on a small scale, bubbly, brown, caramelized goat cheese sounds delicious. But 59,524 pounds of that stuff? Not so much.

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In related news, this morning a truck carrying 2-liter bottles of soda collided with another tractor-trailer, spilling gallons of soda across a Pennsylvania highway that subsequently froze, closing down the roadway for five hours.