Capture Your World In A Bubble With 360-degree bublcam


Sometimes you find yourself somewhere that's so beautiful, you just can't describe it and your next best bet is to take pictures. But instead of taking multiple photos of the landscape or a panoramic shot with your iPhone (which only works if you have steady hands worthy of a surgeon), you may want to use the 360-degree bublcam.


Currently on Kickstarter, bublcam is an HD, 14 megapixel camera with four 190-degree lenses, allowing it to take photos and videos without any blind spots.

The tetrahedral design allows the four lenses to overlap, which gets you a seamless photo. Encased within four solid aluminum die-cast structural rings, bubl is supposedly pretty protected. Images are stabilized thanks to the tri-axial accelerometer, allowing you to hold the little camera when snapping shots.

The photos are taken at full resolution (3840 x 3840) and exported as JPEG, making sharing and editing a breeze. Video (and audio) is recorded at 30fps at 720p or 15fps at 1080p, exporting in MP4 format. Since it records a multiplexed 4-image quad video, bubl would be great for any time-lapse videos you want to take.

You can save your photos and videos directly to the included Micro SD Card, use a USB 2.0 connection, or record your wireless LIVE stream (which is sent to your computer or phone). The bublcam will also soon be able to store your footage directly to various cloud storage providers, like Drop Box and Google Drive.

At the time of this feature, the project has 681 backers and has made well over their $100k goal (currently sitting pretty at $293k). The Early Bird packages are already sold out, but for $499 you can choose between a black or white bublcam — you also get the mini tripod, a camera pouch, lens cloth, t-shirt, and advanced access to the latest news and exclusive backer updates. Bump it up to $549 and you can choose between silver, blue, red, yellow, white or black.

Estimated delivery is May 2014.