Capture Your Most Death-Defying Stunts With Drift Ghost-S Camera


You don't need a professional photographer trailing after you on all of your adventures to get amazing shots of yourself in action, you just need the Drift Ghost-S camera. Full of features, this little mobile gadget takes HD photos and videos of all your skateboard and surfing tricks, providing firm proof for when you gloat to your friends.


The camera is apparently super easy to use, with lots of features available with only a couple clicks of a button. With a two-way remote control, you can control it without having to go near it — which is great for capturing moments from afar. Plus, with the built-in LED lights, you can see what mode you're in and whether or not it's recording. If you want to clip it to something, like a motorcycle helmet, it comes with a mounting kit to make it quick and easy.

The $399 Ghost-S takes 1080p video at 60fps, and also gives you the option of recording at 720p at 120fps for those super cool slow motion shots. With a battery life of 3.5 hours, it has a 300-degree rotatable lens and a 160-degree wide-angle flat-lens to capture as much of the scene as possible. It's even waterproof for up to nine feet — though you can buy a Drift HD Ghost Waterproof Case and dive as deep as 197 feet without an issue.

If you have a couple friends who also have a Ghost-S, make use of the Clone Mode, which allows you to sync up to four other cameras. The settings will be replicated across the board and you will be able to capture footage from multiple angles, perfectly timed and ready for editing. Haven't you been wanting to get that BMX video made?