Campbell’s Debuts CheeseburgerOs, Which is Just What It Sounds Like

It combines pasta and cheeseburgers

The new CheeseburgerOs is the new SpaghettiOs.

If you’ve ever wondered what a pasta and cheeseburger hybrid would look like, CheeseburgerOs is it. Campbell’s, an iconic American brand known for its canned soup, has introduced the flavor to the SpaghettiOs lineup, the first new SpaghettiOs flavor in two decades, according to a release.

The CheeseburgerOs comes in 15-ounce cans filled with “O”-shaped pasta and cheeseburger-flavored meat sauce. The new product joins the other SpaghettiOs creations, including PizzOs and CheesOs, which were sold in the 1980s. That makes the cheeseburger-flavored pasta the third flavor the brand has introduced in almost fifty years.

"SpaghettiOs has been a kid favorite in homes for nearly 50 years, and the adults who enjoyed it years ago are now serving them to their own kids and grandkids," Campbell Soup Company’s General Manager Ed Carolan said in a release. "Just like the original, the new CheeseburgerOs offering stays true to our roots, providing a wholesome kid-pleasing main dish that mom can feel good about serving to her family."


Consumers purchased over 120 million SpaghettiOs products last year, so it is likely that people will want to try two of America’s favorite foods in one bite. Still, would you be interested in trying a “cheeseburger in a can?”